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McCallum Bagpipes Ltd.

McCallum Bagpipes was formed in 1998 by existing partners, company directors Stuart McCallum and Kenny MacLeod. Stuart and Kenny had known each other for years through piping before starting the company, having both been members of the Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band.

Kenny was already selling practice chanters made by Stuart when he was in California. They were an instant success so when Kenny came back in 1998 they decided to join forces and develop bagpipes and pipe chanters.

Modern Piping

Modern Piping is a collective platform filled with like minded people who are excited to share new ideas and move the Bagpipe Industry to places it hasn't been before.

Founded by Lincoln and Heather Hilton, this site has grown tremendously within a short time frame which shows the excitement in the Bagpipe World of people looking for something new.

Brian Lamond Pipe Chanter Reeds

Brian Lamond pipe chanter reeds are handmade by Brian Lamond, Fife, using the finest cane available.

They have a bright tone and have lots of volume.

This pipe chanter reed is ideal for soloists but is also increasingly being used by top-flight pipe bands.


Gilmour Reeds

Established in Australia since 1990 and made by a piper for pipers.
The Gilmour Reed is handcrafted from the finest quality cane and materials available in order to produce a full bright sound, which is combined with a robust and vibrant tone. It is because of these inherent qualities that the Gilmour Reed is played by Soloists and Pipe Bands worldwide.

R. G. Hardie & Co.

R. G. Hardie & Co. is a premium-quality bagpipe maker based in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland. The company is led by Alastair Dunn, double Gold Medalist and former Pipe Sergeant of 12-time World Champions, the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band. Alastair worked with Duncan Campbell, a craftsman with R. G. Hardie & Co since 1962, to modernise and develop the current range of bagpipes, chanters and the extensive range of accessories.

David Naill & Co.

For over 30 years we have produced bagpipes and smallpipes of exceptional tone and craftsmanship. Our instruments have achieved many awards and accolades making David Naill synonymous with quality and success.

A great piper needs the right combination of training, experience, and ability, the same is true of bagpipe makers. To understand why David Naill bagpipes are so coveted, you must first know the company's uncommon history. Bagpipe maker Leslie Cowell began his career as an apprentice to the famous London bagpipe maker Henry Starck.

The Starck family made bagpipes and other instruments for several generations, and Les worked there from 1946 to 1955. Starck bagpipes were widely known for exceptional tone and workmanship. Later on Les worked for instrument makers Boosey and Hawkes, and in 1976 he opened David Naill & Co.

Crozier Bagpipes

Robert Crozier was born in Melbourne Australia in 1966 and at the age of 13 had his first piping lesson with Pipe Major George Brass from the Footscray Pipe Band in Melbourne.

In 1980 Robert started his bricklaying apprenticeship with his father and worked as a bricklayer for several years.

After Robert started playing in the Footscray Pipe Band, he began experimenting with new ideas and innovations to improve the performance and consistency of his bagpipes.

In 1985 Robert started a business partnership with Geoff Ross making the worlds first synthetic drone reed named the “Ross Reed”, this reed was made from a black plastic body with a flat sealed cane tongue.

In 1987 Robert and Geoff worked on a new idea for an innovative pipe bag that was named the “Ross Pipe Bag”.

This pipe bag has a revolutionary canister system inside the bag that controls the moisture to the reeds and is accessible through an opening on the bag that has an air-tight seal.

Ross Bagpipe Bags

Ross Bagpipe Bags Pty. Ltd. is a name that has become synonymous with quality bagpipe bags.

In 1985 Ross Bagpipe Reeds Pty. Ltd. produced the world’s first synthetic drone reeds, and soon after introduced the Canister Pipe Bag.

Our bags and reeds have been strongly endorsed by soloists and bands throughout the world, and we are happy to acknowledge that our products have playerd a vital role in the improvement of quality and stability in bagpipe playing, which was, and has always been our objective.