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Tuners and Metronomes

  • Clip Microphone M51

    Clip Microphone for Bagpipe. Can be used together with Korg and Highland Bagpipe Tuners.

    Price: 250 DKK

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  • Dalriada Drone Tuner M41

    The Dalriada Bagpipe Tuner that can be calibrated.

    Price: 5325 DKK

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  • Highland Bagpipe Tuner - 2

    Highland Bagpipe Tuner-2 of Murray Blair

    Price: 1235 DKK

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  • Highland Bagpipe Tuner Case M39/case

    Highland Bagpipe Tuner Case

    Price: 105 DKK

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  • Highland Bagpipe Tuner HBT-3 M39

    Highland Bagpipe Tuner HBT-3

    Price: 500 DKK

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  • Korg Bagpipe Tuner M1

    The inexpensive Korg CA-1 Chromatic Tuner used by many bands.

    Price: 240 DKK

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  • Korg Metronome M1/a

    The inexpensive Korg MA-30 Metronome used by both pipers and drummers.

    Price: 240 DKK

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  • Pipetech Drone Tuner M76

    Pipetech Drone Tuner

    Price: 1665 DKK

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